Metatet, architecture and design studio was formed in 2012 by Elena Martinovska in Skopje, Macedonia.
Elena is an architect since 2008 with licence B, issued by the Ministry for Transport and communications of Macedonia. Her idea for this studio comes from a several years experience in different fields of the architecture working for big companies, headed by the creative processes like the designing and planning.

Metatet`s mission comes from the working experience with different kinds of people and clients, to modify their dreams, needs and expectations into concept that can be constructive and easier to build. The most important is listening the clients, understand their needs and see the design as an elegant form of problem solving, refining the methods through research and knowledge.

The work philosophy is to create functional, usable spaces that enhance and compliment the client’s lifestyle or workplace needs. Metatet attempts to create fine works of architecture that are still rational and practical, rather than create awkward, unusable spaces. Works closely with the client, offering personalized service from conceptual design until the end of the construction process, ensuring that the client’s physical and budgetary requirements are met.

The studio is not subscribed to one style of design, to one branch or time period. Either way the studio takes responsibility for the both.

Metatet offers different services from architectural and engineering design, innovative commercial and public use projects, as well as, custom residential, educational facilities, interior design and preparation of all materials including renderings and digital 3-D modeling. Metatet offers master planning with all the specific stages included from start to finish like statics, waterworks and sewage systems, machinery – heating, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation and electric wiring – weak and strong currents.
The studio works as an interior design firm with complete design and production and also renovation of work and public spaces and private residences. Metatet is dedicated to high quality production and always work with the best craftsmen, workrooms, manufacturers and contractors available.

If you would like us to design your home, workspace or simply would like more information about our services, please contact us at to arrange a free consultation.

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