Digital agency “Codeart“

The interior design for Codeart stems from their approach to work as a way of relaxing and enjoying themselves while working. The space is spread over three floors.
Ground floor is the common area for relaxing, eating, playing table tennis, video games and other social games. That’s why pastel colors such as blue, green and yellow are used at this level.
The middle level is for work where we have implemented slightly calmer colors so as not to distract them from work. On the biggest wall is a logo in stuffed moss that attaches to the rest of the greenery in all rooms.
On the attic are meeting rooms and partly work areas with brick walls retained by the existing building.
Like all buildings, in Codeart we paid attention to the lighting especially on the ground floor which made the space as unique as it suited a company like this.
It was a pleasure to work in such a relaxed atmosphere.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch.

3d visualization

  • Slavica Makarovska, M-r Arch.


  • Andijana Tilic


  • Blvd. Ilinden 67, Skopje

web address



  • 2019