Hotel-Restaurant Denicija (3d visualization)

This project is a visualization of a project which was about to be build, the restaurant Denicija as a second part of the successful story of the restaurant Vezilka. This one is named after the legendary Macedonian song “Denicija” by Petre M. Andreevski.
The restaurant has a large and small hall that has the possibility to merge into one with a capacity up to 350 guests with their own toilets and a wardrobe. Besides the restaurants, Denicija also offers other facilities like a kitchen on two levels, warehouses in the underground level, an office, a lobby with reception, toilets and a bar, as well as two levels of rooms for hotel accommodation for guests.
Like all the projects of the Metatet studio, special attention was paid to the lighting that creates the final image of this type of space. For decorations are used carefully selected materials such as marble, granite, aluminum, and the emphasis on decor and branding is on bronze details. The concept of the restaurant Vezilka is retained, a calligraphic depiction of the song Denicija on the most striking wall in the interior, as well as the logo that is implemented on the podium, for the first dance of the newlyweds.
This time, cleaner and simpler forms have been used to maintain the minimalism that is a feature of Metatet studio, but still are inserted sophisticated details to make the building classy as it resembles this type.
The hotel-restaurant Denicija has its own parking lot with capacity for 100 vehicles and is designed according to all regulations and standards, as well as the restaurant Vesilka. All rooms are accessible for people with disabilities.


  • Elena Martinovska

3d visualization

  • Sandra Kostadinova

Year of realization

  • 2018