Hotel and restaurant “Denicija” (the interior)

The inspiration of the name of this restaurant comes from the macedonian poem “Denicija” written by Petre M. Andreevski.
Metatet studio took part of every step of designing it from the begging till the opening of the restaurant. The branding was very important for the interior design as the logo is built-in the marvel floor on the dancing stage. Also the longest wall in the wedding hall is printed with details of the whole story in bronze tone as most of the details in the interior. The poem Denicija is written on the front wall, as a continuation of the concept as Vezilka`s poem on the wall.
The hotel lobby is unique because of the reception desk which is made of onyx piece. Also the wall print with nature motives is especially made and designed for here.
The interior is different in every corner of the object but it is combined perfectly so you cant feel a difference when you wall through.
The bar is designed of metal and plywood shelves in pink color on the dark tiles, and the whole bar is framed of designed bronze mirror detail. The same pink is used in the ladies room, the brides toilet and the managers office.
The rooms on the two floors of the hotel will be different so the hotel will be more interesting place to stay.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch.

3d visualisation

  • Sandra Kostadinova, designer


  • Vase Amanito Petreski


  • Bul. Boris Trajkovski, num.174, Skopje

web address



  • 2018