Proposal for a kindergarden

The concept of this building is based on the eternally unsettled dilemma of architects: “The form follows the function or the function follows the form?” In this case, the function follows the form, since the initial idea originated from the playful and colorful facade of the kindergarten that would be attractive to children and they will want to visit it every day with joy. In that context, the development of the project program began so that the front and back facade will get a picture of five houses in different pastel colors with different roofs.
The choice of colors is blue, green, purple, yellow and red, starting from right to left. Both colors that are the first of the left (red) and right (blue) continue on the side facades that are actually monotone and, in some way, soothe the facade in full. The ramp that is located on the north side is also united with the facade and the same color from the back side continues on its high side.
In the interior, the concept of many colors continues. From one point of the hall floor are spreading triangular shapes in different colors that climb the walls across the two levels.
Unfortunately, this project was not rewarded by the expert jury.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch.
  • Marijana Nikolovska, M-r Arch.


  • Milica Saveska, M-r Arch.
  • Emilija Langovska, M-r Arch.


  • Chair municipality, Skopje


  • 2018