Apartment num.17

This apartment is decorated in a Scandinavian style in order to have less furniture and be comfortable and modern. Particular attention is paid to the kitchen which continues to the dining room through a winery to a bookshelf, which is with characteristic Metatet studio design. The dining table is made of solid wood-walnut and metal legs with simple design. The chairs are gray and only one stands out with ocher nuance. The pleasant ambient of this space is defined with the choice of colors, white in combination with oak and at certain positions turquoise color appears as a favorite investor’s color, with which it was a real enjoyment to work with.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch.


  • Sandra Kostadinova, graduated designer
  • Marijana Nikolovska, M-r Arch.
  • Marta Petrushevska

3d vizualisation

  • Sandra Kostadinova, graduated designer


  • Skopje


  • 2017