Kitchen bar “Mint”

Kitchen bar Mint is located in the most attractive location in the city, next to the old square and the city park. It extends on three sides on which we placed a glass facade with a sliding vertical system on three fields with modern anthracite profiles.
The main emphasis is on the floor which is designed with granite tiles on lines that emphasize the frequency of movement from the main entrance to the restaurant seating area.
The walls at the entrance are with wall finish in anthracite color with the logo of the restaurant on perforated sheet metal with metal spacers.
The bar is centrally located and open on three sides just like the whole building. In front of it there is a high ceiling on which the painted floor is mirrored.
At both corners of the building there are bars with the best view of the restaurant. Along the entire building, next to the glass part, there are tables provided for family meals made of solid wood boards on metal legs. The chairs are comfortable with several shades of gray as well as a shade of blue as pantone for 2020.
In the middle part of the restaurant there is a sector different from the whole space, consisting of a comfortable sofa and several different armchairs placed on a colorful carpet.
In the left part of the space there is a blue booth and three tables in front of it. There is a wallpaper with a floral motif on the wall behind the booth.
The toilets are provided with floor tiles in geometric shapes. In women’s cabins in pink and in men’s cabins in green. The hand-washing area has a curved neon with the text “Be awesome today”. The lighting of the whole space is discreet and designed according to the type of sitting.

Greenery is placed in every position where there is a possibility.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch

3d visualization

  • Aneta Micevska, designer


  • Kriva Palanka

Year of realization

  • 2020