Apartment num.34

The concept for designing this apartment is to refresh the whole image with more color and to make it different from most of the other interiors in 2020 year. We have used popular materials such as concrete wall, oak mdf, black steel and gray textile. According to this choice we had to implement some greenish details like the decorative kitchen hood and we have decided to apply same green on the kitchen doors and the dining chairs. Than we have added some geometric black and white floor tiles to get the eclectic look which is Metatet studio main characteristic.

We paid attention to put some art, as we always do, but this time we have chosen photography from Milcho Manchevski latest photography exhibition ‘There”.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch
  • Ivana Pekevska M-r Arch

3d visualization

  • Ivana Pekevska M-r Arch


  • Skopje


  • 2020