Commercial space Inbox (competition)

The idea of Metatet studio for designing this tiny and long space was to create a different ambient from different point of view and to connect them by the floor. From the left side its a warm and wooden floor which continues on the wall and from the right side its a hexagon ceramic tiles with a marvel texture. The wooden one continues on the wall, and from the other side the wall is yellow. The shelves are being designed especially for the company because of the size of their boxes.
As on every project we payed especial attention on the lightning design.


  • Proposal


  • Elena Martinovska

3d vizualization

  • Sandra Kostadinova

(МК) Локација

  • (МК) Општина Илинден, Скопје

(МК) Интернет адреса

  • (МК)


  • 2016