International education and certification company Certiadria

The concept of Certiadria’s space design is to develop a color story, starting from the classrooms, blue, green, and red, to the offices in gray-blue and gray-green. The paint is mainly implemented on vinyl floor coverings and develops upwards on the walls. The entrance area is designed with all the colors of all the rooms, which symbolizes that it is the part for socializing and communicating with the employees and the guards.
It is very important that the old granite floor which has existed here ever since the construction of the building was preserved a few decades ago. It extends from the entrance to the back of the building. Also, the wall that bypasses around the toilets is painted with black latex with intention to give contrast to all the colors implemented around. On the same side of the reception is the logo of Semos-educations  in polar lichen-moss.
The greatest emphasis is placed on the reception center, which is located centrally in the entrance hall, as well as on the sitting and working cabinet of the laptop. In this part, the concrete ceiling has been retained, and as with any project, Metatet studio has paid special attention to acoustics, electricity, mechanical engineering, and lighting of the space.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch.


  • Andijana Tilic


  • Boulevard Jane Sandanski, no. 71A, 1000 Skopje

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  • 2020