Apartment num.6

This project was fully designed and implemented by the design studio Metatet. The architect had complete independence in the choice of colors, designs, decor elements and everything that was built in this space.
The starting point in this project was the kitchen wall with colorful tiles, as well as in many other projects of this studio. As opposite to this decor with many chaotic colors and patterns, everything else is with calm, decent and earthy colors in order to capture a pleasant ambience for a four-membered family. For the design were used materials such as medium-density fiberboard, veneer, leather, marble and stone. Particular importance is given to the ethanol fireplace built with the imitation of crushed stone, whose position is visible from all angles in the living room. Also, the central place in the living room is taken by the circular area which serves for reading, drinking coffee and resting and is enriched with two comfortable armchairs, facing the crossroads on the street. For even more pleasant feeling this area is complemented with three salon Benjamin flowers.
The bedroom is designed with chipboard with wood texture in combination of base in earthy colors. The four different chipboard panels are designed so that the bed is integrated with the wall coating and the overlapped ambient light. Same design is used for dandruffs and closet with internal drawers. In order to break the monotony in this space the blue color is added on the curtain as well as the reproduction by the impressionist Henri Matis.
In one children’s bedroom there is a specially designed closet inspired by Pete Mondrian’s compositions. The closet in the corridor is with bamboo tree motive in order to bring freshness into the entrance space.
In the apartment decoration, all the attention is paid to lighting. The light is most specific in the corridor between the living area and the bedroom where instead of the ceiling light there are installed LED- diodes in a polyurethane decorative batten at a height above the doors to fully illuminate the ceiling. The mentioned battens are painted in the same shade of gray as the high floor battens and the medium-density fiberboard doors of the rooms.


  • Elena Martinovska, B.Arch.


  • Andrijana Tilic


  • Skopje


  • 2014