Apartment num.7

Creating this space was a big challenge for the designer and the Investor too, who enjoyed the process of creativity together. The used materials are chosen to be with natural wooden colors and textures and are used in the whole area. The biggest accent is on the TV commode which has complicated design by following the line from the bottom to the top and its created to be multifunctional-for the tv and the old gramophone and as an unusual bookshelf from the left side. The armchair is also an antique piece of the heritage of the Investor as the gramophone and the two wooden speakers. The table design is the Investors idea and realization and fits perfect in the whole space.
The closet in the hallway has a printed photography of spring flowers which brings freshness in this space and makes it more girlish as it should be.
The other closet is simple by the material but the it has three functions- putting clothes, seating and keeping flowers.
Also the three paintings and the wall clock in the living room are unique pieces of art. Nina Simovska is the author of the triptych and Karlo Horvat is the clock designer.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch.


  • Andrijana Tilic


  • Skopje


  • 2014