University of Information Technologies with Dormitory and Sports hall (Third prize)

Third award for a contest for project for new building for the University of Information Technology, officially and publicly invited tenders from The Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Macedonia. It was a huge project on two locations connected with a passage under the boulevard. The first one was consist оf two institutes and seven facilities, the second one was consist of sports hall, hotel for guests and academic professors and parking area.


  • Valentino Konstantinovski, B. Arch.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch.
  • Ema Nikolova, B. Arch.
  • Jasmina Dimova, B. Arch.
  • Vesna Jovanovska, B. Arch.
  • Vladimir Delovski, B. Arch.


  • Third award by The Ministry of Education


  • 2008