Apartment num.15

Designing this space was a big challenge for Metatet Studio, because of the simplicity that our Investor wanted. Together we finished a perfect apartment for a young lady with all the stuff and appliances she needs but without much furniture.
We had the chance to design the sofa, the TV commode, the mirror with the lights on it, the coffee tables and the lamp (Ema Nikolova `s awarded collection named Trikon), and everything else in the apartment. We are so happy for the paintings “Dobro ti jutro more” and “Tvoje je lice kao tajna” in the living and dining room which are piece of art made by the croatian artist Mirna Sishul. We can say that all the colors in this space came out of these paintings on canvas.
We really enjoyed making this apartment somebodies home.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch.

Coworker and design of tables and floor lamp {trikoN}

  • Ema Nikolova, B. Arch.


  • Andrijana Tilic

Published by

  • Tea Moderna (april 2017)


  • Skopje


  • 2016