Single family residence 6

Metatet studio designed this house as one of the most modern and minimal designs so far. The concept is cubism, as the white cube contains the garage and the living space, and the anthracite cube is the bedrooms area.
We used modern materials as steel on the fence and the custom made blinds, tempered glass and wood on the entrance door.
We paid special attention on the facade`s lightning as we always do on all our projects.


  • Elena Martinovska, B. Arch


  • Ivana Pekevska, M-r Arch.
  • Marijana Nikolovska M-r Arch.
  • Ikra Zuli, eng.arch.

3d visualization

  • Marijana Nikolovska M-r Arch.


  • Sopot, Sveti Nikole municipality


  • 2019